Bulk Frozen Strawberries

Buy Bulk Frozen Strawberries in Australia

wholesale frozen strawberry'sAt Purple Foods, we understand that Australian food businesses expect the highest quality ingredients. That’s why our reputation has been built on being a leading supplier of high quality frozen fruits, including the very popular frozen strawberries. We provide excellent customer service and can cater to different business owners for their specific needs, at the best possible wholesale prices.

The problem with fresh strawberries for small businesses is that they take up storage space, can spoil easily and can bruise if placed under heavier food items. That’s why frozen strawberries are a good solution because they don’t go off like fresh fruit and can be stored in a freezer, leaving more fridge space.

Buying bulk frozen strawberries is a more affordable option as your business can minimise food wastage and save money purchasing frozen fruit in large amounts. Purple Foods has been operating since 2009 so we can help you with all your frozen fruit needs.

To see how Purple Foods can help you supply frozen strawberry, call Adam 0411 512 426 or shoot an email to adam@purplefoods.com.au.

What are Frozen Strawberries?

Purple Foods frozen strawberries are frozen using the individually quick frozen method (IQF). This is a technology that doesn’t allow large ice crystals to form in the fruit’s cells. So this means when you open the frozen packaging, the strawberries aren’t stuck together in a frozen block.

When stored correctly, frozen strawberries can be eaten up to 12 months. They are packaged at the peak of ripeness.

In Australia, strawberries can range in season length depending on whether they are grown in subtropical or temperate regions but they aren’t in season all year round, which is why frozen strawberries can be a better and more affordable option.

Strawberries that are frozen can actually be better for smoothies due to their texture and more intense flavour. While not ideal for fruit salads, frozen strawberries are ideal for businesses who need strawberries in bulk and don’t need to worry about them spoiling quickly.

frozen strawberry in bulk

Where can I buy large wholesale quantities of frozen strawberries in Australia?

If you’re looking for bulk frozen strawberries in Australia, then look no further than Purple Foods. They have pioneered the rise of acai in Australia and are constantly expanding their range of products.

They not only supply wholesale quantities of frozen strawberries in Australia but also frozen banana, avocado, mango and blueberries. Purple Foods promises to deliver the highest quality ingredients to your door or shop.

Purple Foods has warehouses in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, while also working with distributors across the country.

What are popular dishes that are made with frozen strawberries?

Strawberries are high in vitamin C and frozen strawberries are just as good for you as fresh ones, with the added bonus of saving you time on prepping them. Arguably the kind of the berries, strawberries sell in much higher quantities than other berries due to their vibrant colour and juicy flavour.

Frozen strawberries can be used in a variety of different desserts, drinks and cocktails. They are popular due to their colour that can make any dish pop. On a hot summer’s day, you can’t go past a strawberry slushy pop for a sweet, tropical treat.

If you’re looking for something a little healthier you could add frozen strawberries to your morning smoothie. They are great when added to oatmeal for a delicious and nutritious start to your day.

When it comes to smoothies, you can really add any other fruit and make your own creation. There are no rules stopping you from putting as many frozen fruits together as you like. Purple Foods also sell frozen acai, banana, mango and blueberries which you could add to your morning smoothie.