Frozen Fruits: Wholesale Supplier in Australia

With the popularity of Acai and the number of satisfied customers looking for new products expanded – Purple Foods were the first to bring Organic Frozen Dragonfruit to Australia.

Partnering with Pitaya Plus, Purple Foods are the only company in Australia to offer Nicaraguan frozen Pink Pitaya (Dragonfruit) – A number of companies followed Purple? Foods lead and began importing Dragonfruit from Vietnam which although we are also able to offer has a notably different taste and color profile.

More recently Purple Foods have been able to use our local and global networks to be able to provide a full range of local and international Frozen Fruits. We now are the trusted supplier to a number of ingredient, manufacturing, industrial and retail based companies.

In keeping with the superfood craze, we are also able to provide high quality Blue Spirulina – the key ingredient in the bright blue bowls you see on Instagram.

If you have a fruit in mind and you are looking to source it – we are here to help.

Frozen Products that we have expertise in are;

  • 6kg Organic Dragonfruit Foodservice
  • 6kg Organic Dragonfruit Retail
  • 10kg Conventional Dragonfruit Foodservice / Manufacturing
  • 10kg IQF Mango Pieces & Cheeks Foodservice / Manufacturing
  • 10kg IQF Banana slices and whole Foodservice / Manufacturing
  • 10kg IQF Blueberry whole A or B grade Foodservice / Manufacturing
  • 10kg IQF Strawberry whole Foodservice / Manufacturing
  • 10kg Avocado chunky Foodservice / Manufacturing
  • 150g Blue Spirulina Powder (Dry) – Japan
  • 1kg Blue Spirulina Powder (Dry) – Japan

And many other fruits or even vegetables!

If you are buying in bulk we can customise to your specifications – Organic, Conventional, Australian, Large Quantities, Purees, Export Quality, Etc.

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