Our Acai

Purple? Foods was created in 2009 after our Founder Adam and 2 of his best friends visited Brazil. Acai was on the menu over there daily and was sorely missed on arrival back in Australia.

Purple? Foods was born to satisfy the cravings and put purple smiles on happy faces all over Australia. Being the first Melbourne based frozen Acai importer and continuing to grow with the popularity of Acai, Purple? Foods is now one of the largest and preeminent suppliers of frozen Acai in Australia.

Adam and the whole team at Purple? Foods pride themselves on the quality of product and customer service that is second to none. If you have had Acai in Australia at your favourite café then there is a good chance it was supplied by Purple? Foods.

We are always looking for new customers!

With over 10 years in the industry a lot of time has been taken to source the highest quality Acai available in Australia. Purple? Foods only uses 14% solid Especial Acai, which is rare to find in Australia.

Frozen Acai products currently available for supply:

  • 6kg Carton Organic Pure Acai Foodservice 100g sachets
  • 6kg Carton Organic Sweetened Acai Foodservice 100g sachets
  • 5.6kg Organic Pure Acai Retail Packs 4 X 100g Zip Lock Bags
  • 5.6kg Organic Acai Blend Retail Packs 4 X 100g Zip Lock Bags
  • 11.3L Acai Sorbet Scoopable
  • 18kg Organic Pure Acai Pails
  • 18kg Organic Sweetened Acai Pails
  • 180kg Organic Pure Acai Drums
  • Acai Soft Serve
  • Aseptic Pure Acai

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