Australians love bananas. According to the Australian Banana Growers’ Council, 96% of Australian households buy bananas. Most of our bananas are grown up in North Queensland with the Cavendish banana making up 97% of production.

There is though one problem with bananas – they spoil easily. Next time you see some ripe bananas in your fruit bowl that you don’t plan on eating in the near future, chop them up and put them in the freezer. Not only are you saving yourself a healthy snack for later down the track, but you’re doing your part to stop food wastage. 

When you’re ready to eat or use your frozen bananas for baking, you can take them out of the freezer and they’ll still be edible.

How do you freeze ripe bananas?

You can freeze bananas before they’re ripen, but bananas are at their optimum sweetness when ripe. Freezing them will stop them losing that sweetness and if you’re planning on using them to make banana bread or in smoothies, freezing them is the way to go.

Should I peel the bananas before freezing?

Yes, putting banana peels in the freezer doesn’t help the freezing process and it makes it more difficult for you later when you try to remove it. Some people also think frozen banana peels can reduce the time that you can keep bananas in the freezer.

Frozen Bananas

Flash-frozen bananas

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to freeze bananas:

  1. Remove banana peels
  2. Slice bananas into 1-2 cm pieces
  3. Lay banana slices in a single layer on a tray with baking paper
  4. Place in freezer for two hours or until solid
  5. Remove flash-frozen slices from freezer and place into a zip lock bag or container
  6. Write date on bag or container
  7. Place back in freezer

Why can’t I just put the bananas straight into a container?

Allowing the individual banana slices to freeze makes it easier for you to use later. Throwing your banana slices in together means they will freeze in one big clump, making it difficult to pull apart later. Flash freezing saves you this hassle of trying to tear apart your banana slices later. You can flash freeze whole bananas too.

How long can you keep frozen bananas for?

You can keep frozen bananas in your freezer for up to six months. If you leave them in there too long they can develop freezer burn.

Sliced Banana

Can you eat bananas while they’re frozen?

Yes, frozen banana slices make for a tasty snack. If you’re looking for a less healthy option, they taste even better dipped in peanut butter, melted chocolate or both. It’s recommended that you thaw frozen bananas first if using them to make banana bread, muffins or other baked goods.

Are frozen bananas good for smoothies?

Yes, frozen bananas are great for smoothies! In fact, you don’t even need to thaw them first, just throw them straight in the blender with the other ingredients. Check out our delicious Banana Strawberry Smoothie and Vanilla Protein Shake with Banana recipes.

Can I just buy frozen bananas?

Yes, if you’re not fussed about having fresh bananas or you’re too lazy to flash freeze them yourself, head to the supermarket and buy some pre-frozen bananas. If you’re a restaurant or café owner, you can also buy wholesale frozen bananas.