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Buying Bulk Frozen Mango in Australia

Do you want to take your smoothies to the next level with this tasty summer snack? Purple Foods has you covered with high quality frozen mango.

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Guide to Frozen Mango Australia!

It’s tough to top something as tasty as a perfectly ripe mango, whether it is served up in a smoothie, blended into a desert, worked into ice cream, or sliced up into perfect little chunks and served as is.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on perfectly ripe mangoes on a consistent basis here in Australia has proven time and time again to be a bit of a challenge – particularly if you’re looking for bulk or wholesale quantities to outfit your restaurant, café, or business.

Here at Purple Foods we understand just how much of a risk business owners are taking when purchasing fresh fruit. Fruits regularly spoil in a restaurant setting just because purchasing them fresh in bulk quantities allows very little room for error, and business owners throughout Australia end up throwing away a significant amount of previously delicious fruit – and money – because of it.

Thankfully, with frozen mango available in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices from us here at Purple Foods you’ll never have to worry about that again!


What Is Bulk Frozen Mango?

Our bulk frozen mango is handpicked at the height of freshness, specifically selected and handled to our exact specifications, and then sliced up into cubes before being flash frozen.

This guarantees that each and every one of our clients not only get exactly the amount of mango they are looking for (without having to pay for extra food waste, particularly with no rind whatsoever) inconsistent chunks they can work with in their favorite recipes and dishes.

On top of that, every single piece of mango is going to be perfectly fresh after it has been thawed – giving you the flavor and nutritional value you just won’t get with fruit that has gone beyond its prime.


Where Can I Buy Large Wholesale Quantities Of Frozen Mango In Australia?

Best of all, we offer bulk quantities specifically designed for restaurants and café applications. You won’t have to worry about shopping around any longer.

You’ll never have to worry about bouncing from one shopping center to the next, one grocery center to the next on the search for smaller retail sized bags of frozen mango (or other frozen fruits we offer here at Purple Foods) only to find supplies running low or costs reaching prohibitively large price tags.

Instead, we work with our clients to offer them the best frozen mango available anywhere in Australia at affordable prices and even work on custom orders!


Why Do Restaurants & Cafes Use Frozen Mango, Instead Of Fresh?

The number one reason restaurants and cafés choose frozen mango from us here at Purple Foods as opposed to fresh mango is that our frozen options are usually even fresher than the “fresh” options you can pick up at the local market in season.

As we highlighted above, all of the mango we offer has been flash frozen almost immediately after it was picked. This guarantees that it is often far fresher than mango advertised as fresh that spent time in a warehouse or a shipping container before it arrives to you.

Frozen mango will not waste and spoil, either. You’ll always have access to deliciously fresh mango all year round with our frozen options compared to the seasonality of 100% fresh mango choices.


What Are Popular Dishes That Are Made With Frozen Mango?

healthy mango drinkPurple Foods frozen mango options are regularly found in salads and mango salsas, and snack cakes and desserts, and smoothies and served thawed “as is” – all of which are great ways to make the most of our bulk wholesale options.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the frozen fruit options we have here at Purple Foods please don’t hesitate to reach out to Adam!