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Buy Bulk Frozen Banana in Australia

Frozen bananas are healthy, delicious and excellent for smoothies and baking. That’s why we stock high quality frozen bananas at Purple Foods.

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Guide to Frozen Banana Australia!

As a restaurant or café owner, trying to keep fresh bananas on hand at all times – especially in bulk quantities – is always a risky proposition.

For the first couple of days, fresh bananas haven’t quite hit the perfect level of ripeness to be used as core ingredients in any of your dishes or drinks. Then you have a window of two or three days to really make the most of everything they have to offer before they start to brown and fade.

There’s always a lot of spoilage. And that means a lot of wasted money.

Thankfully though, with the Purple Foods frozen banana you’ll never again have to worry about the headache and hassle – not to mention the logistics – of dealing with fresh bananas any longer.

Instead you’ll get always fresh bananas on-demand whenever necessary, using them in your favorite dishes and beverages with perfect banana flavor and nutritional profiles without ever having to worry about spoilage again.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


What Is Bulk Frozen Banana?

The bulk frozen banana available here at Purple Foods (more details available if you contact Adam at your earliest convenience) is sourced from 100% handpicked, always perfectly fresh bananas that are flash frozen at the height of their freshness.

Frozen banana also ensure all their nutritional benefits are locked in until use!

You’ll be guaranteed fresh, ready to go and perfectly consistent bulk frozen banana available whenever you need it – all with the kind of quality you’ve come to expect from us here at Purple Foods.


Where Can I Buy Large Wholesale Quantities Of Frozen Banana In Australia?

Our frozen bananas are delicious, picked and processed at the height of their freshness levels, and the resulting product is incredibly flavorful and nutritious. You’ll be amazed at just how good each individual batch is from Purple Foods, as well as how reliable and consistent the flavor profile is as well.


Why Do Restaurants Use Frozen Banana, Instead Of Fresh?

As we highlighted a little bit earlier, the biggest challenge in using 100% fresh bananas is that they have a tendency to spoil rather quickly.

The tight window of time you have to work with bananas that are fresh really challenges a lot of restaurants and café owners, forcing them to find ways to work with unripened or overripe bananas a lot of the time to avoid major sunk costs.

With our Purple Foods frozen banana available in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices you’ll be able to rely on a consistently fresh and delicious product for all of your banana dishes and beverages without fear of spoilage any longer.


How Do You Prepare Foods With Frozen Banana?

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Our frozen banana products can be used in a variety of different ways, straight from the freezer or after you have left them to fall for about an hour at room temperature.

It can be flexibly used in desserts, smoothies and healthy beverages, breakfast foods, and even as simple pieces with a bit of berries and granola added. The sky is the limit and you’ll be able to unleash your culinary creativity with these fresh, frozen banana options all year round.

To learn more about our frozen banana options (or are other frozen fruit products) contact Adam here at Purple Foods directly for more details or to place an order.