Frozen Pitaya or Dragonfruit

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Guide to Frozen Pitaya Australia!

frozen pitayaAn incredible superfood with a unique and immediately recognizable aesthetic, it’s easy to see why Dragon Fruit (sometimes called Pitaya) has become so popular in the health food world – particularly on social media.

Customers of health-conscious cafés and restaurants always seem to be posting pictures of bowls and smoothies that make use of Dragon Fruit thanks to the way it looks, but they keep coming back time after time because of the way it tastes.

Originally found exclusively in Central America and the northern regions of Southern America, today Pitaya is grown all over the world – including here in Australia. The only trouble is that the season for this fruit is relatively short and that means you’ll have a tough time finding fresh Dragon Fruit own year round as a business owner.

Purple Foods supply both convenient smoothie pouches and bulk diced dragonfruit. We are the exclusive distributors for Pitaya Plus. Sourcing organic Pitaya from Nicaragua, which is a premium product in comparison to alternative supply from Vietnam.

That’s where our bulk frozen Pitaya comes into play!


What Is Bulk Frozen Pitaya?

Our bulk frozen Pitaya products here at Purple Foods start their lives with only the freshest Dragon Fruit available, carefully selected for its nutritional profile as well as its aesthetics.

After each and every one of these individual fruits have been carefully harvested and selected before being flash frozen, guaranteeing that they are made available to you – and in turn to your customers – at the height of their freshness.


What Is The Difference Between Pitaya And Dragon Fruit?

There’s no real difference between Pitaya and Dragon Fruit, as both terms can accurately be used to describe this fruit interchangeably.

Pitaya is the more traditional name for this fruit, but because it can be a challenge to pronounce properly Dragon Fruit has been used colloquially around the world ever since 1993 to describe the many varieties and types of this Pitaya.


Where Can I Buy Large Wholesale Quantities Of Frozen Pitaya / Dragon Fruit Australia?

Here at Purple Foods we specialise in offering large, wholesale and bulk quantities of frozen fruits and super foods – and we are proud to offer the highest quality Pitaya/Dragon Fruit options you’ll find anywhere here in Australia (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter).

That means that your dishes and beverages that use our Dragon Fruit will only include the highest quality, best tasting, and healthiest fruits available – all of which have been flash frozen to maintain their freshness all year round.


What Are Popular Dishes That Are Made With Frozen Pitaya / Dragon Fruit?

Healthy and delicious smoothies are probably the most popular thing to be made with frozen Pitaya, but breakfast bowls, desserts, salads, and more can take advantage of everything that our top quality frozen Dragon Fruit choices bring to the table.


How To Eat Dragon Fruit?

pataya recipe idea

The easiest way to make the most of our Dragon Fruit is to use it straight out of the freezer and into the blender.

It can be blended with other smoothie ingredients, added to breakfast bowls, or you can get creative and add it to baked goods.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using our Purple Foods frozen Dragon Fruit options so don’t be shy about using your culinary creativity to make something really fun and nutritious!

For more information about the bulk quantity frozen Pitaya/Dragon Fruit options we make available here at Purple Foods at wholesale prices, or to place and order today, please contact Adam at your earliest opportunity!