Wholesale Frozen Fruit Supply

Wholesale Frozen Fruit Supplier in Australia

Here at Purple Foods we have made it our mission to help entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, and café operators throughout Australia source nothing but the freshest, most delicious and nutritious frozen fruit available anywhere in the country in bulk quantities – and at wholesale prices!

We recognise that everyday Australians are starting to look quite a bit differently at the foods they eat every day.

We are all becoming a little more health-conscious, little more interested in high quality food sources, and as business owners and restaurant operators we want to make sure that our customers are getting nothing but the best of the best – all without having to pay a premium along the way.

Purple Foods was created to guarantee our clients gain access to top-quality frozen fruit options (including exotic and superfood fruit options) at the types of wholesale prices and bulk quantities not available elsewhere.


What Do We Mean By Wholesale Frozen Fruit Suppliers?

As wholesale frozen fruit suppliers here in Australia we do not charge retail prices for the products that we offer, the way you’d find pricing in traditional grocery stores, supermarkets, or specialty health food stores.

Instead of paying that premium and that markup our prices are instead designed to help other entrepreneurs source their products at a discount (particularly when they purchase wholesale/bulk quantities) so that they can in turn make money off of higher quality ingredients and components.


Why Should You Choose Purple Foods For Supplying Your Frozen Fruits?

Every day we are working with our supply chain to source only the highest quality fruits available before they are flash frozen and assessed to be used by our clients and our customers.

Not every piece of fruit available from our suppliers is going to make it into our Purple Foods products, which guarantees that our customers enjoy higher-quality ingredients but also guarantees that they enjoy the kind of consistency their own customers are going to expect from the dishes and beverages made with these Purple Foods products.

We also work with our clients hand-in-hand to find the right solutions for their specific needs, working with them to create custom orders of bulk quantity and wholesale frozen fruit options that other operations throughout Australia just aren’t willing to accommodate.


Why Is It Difficult To Find A Reliable Wholesale Acai Distributor In Australia?

There are a multitude of reasons behind why it’s difficult to find reliable wholesale açai or frozen fruit distributors here in Australia, but at the end of the day the reality of the situation is that there just aren’t that many companies willing to dedicate themselves to the process of finding only the highest quality açai berries – and other fruit options – to serve the Australian market.

Purple Foods was founded on the principle of finding smarter, healthier, and more delicious fruit options for Australians that want nothing but the best of the best to fuel their bodies.

To learn more about how we can help you with your bulk quantity and wholesale priced frozen fruit or açai berry needs here in Australia please reach out to Adam today for more details!