Bulk Frozen Blueberries

Buy Bulk Frozen Blueberries in Australia

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Blueberries are a popular berry in Australia that are eaten all year round, but like other berries they have a limited freshness and are delicate commodities. That’s why buying bulk frozen blueberries is a good choice for Australian café and restaurant owners.

Buying bulk frozen berries means businesses can store their blueberries for a much longer time if stored correctly, without them spoiling. Frozen blueberries will maintain the best quality in the freezer for up to 12 months.

Purple Foods is a supplier of frozen fruit and acai in Australia. We promise our customers the best picked fruit at an affordable price and excellent customer service. We also stock frozen banana, mango and avocado, just to name a few.

Restaurants and cafes can go through frozen blueberries at a fast pace especially if they’re using them in smoothies and other drinks so buying in bulk is the way to go.

To see how Purple Foods can help you supply frozen blueberries, call Adam 0411 512 426 or shoot an email to adam@purplefoods.com.au.

What are Frozen Blueberries?

Purple Foods frozen blueberries use the individually quick frozen (IQF) method. It’s basically a technology that doesn’t allow large ice blocks to form so when you open the bag you won’t find the blueberries frozen together in large chunks. IQF makes it much easier to work with frozen fruit.

Blueberries naturally have one of the highest levels of antioxidants among all fruit, which is why they’re incredibly popular. They don’t lose their nutritious value when frozen and are a great addition to a smoothie.

Blueberries aren’t always in season and fresh punnets can range in price in supermarkets depending on their abundance, which is another reason why buying frozen blueberries is an advantage.

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blueberries from Australian farms

Where can I buy large wholesale quantities of frozen blueberries in Australia?

While there are many Australian wholesale berry suppliers, it is difficult to source good quality frozen blueberries.

Purple Foods supplies wholesale frozen fruits to cafés, restaurants and food manufacturing businesses in need of bulk frozen goods. We promise to supply your business with the best quality produce.

We have warehouses based in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria but also work with distributors across the whole country.

What are popular dishes that are made with frozen blueberries?

Blueberries are one of Australia’s most-loved berries and are great in yoghurt, ice-cream, cakes, muffins and smoothies. Frozen blueberries are a great option to cook with because they’re available all year round and stay at optimal freshness.

If you are using frozen blueberries in baked goods, there are a few tips to keep them plump and to minimise tinting. Put the frozen blueberries in a colander and rinse them under cold water until the water turns light blue or almost clear. Then leave the berries on some paper towels and gently pat them with more paper towels to dry them.

Another option is leaving the berries completely frozen until you’re ready to use them and toss them straight in with the other ingredients. This is possible with Purple Foods IQF frozen blueberries.

Can I get frozen wild blueberries?

Yes, you can. Frozen wild blueberries are now available at many grocery stores and supermarkets in the frozen aisle. Wild blueberries thrive in colder climates such as Canada but you can find them in Australia too. They grow in fields and rock hills and have been growing naturally for thousands of years. They are very low maintenance and can vary in colour from shades of blue to almost black.