Blue spirulina comes with tons of benefits, however, it is important to find a trustworthy blue spirulina supplier to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

It is no secret that blue spirulina is becoming increasingly popular amongst the health community, for both its aesthetic appeal but also due to its high source of protein, vitamins and antioxidants.

Has your business already got on board with blue spirulina smoothies, bowls or maybe even lattes? Are the vibrant blue bowls with different topping variations already gracing your cafe’s Instagram page?

If not, Purple Foods is here to help. Here you can find all the information you need on blue spirulina powder.

Is all Blue Spirulina the Same?

The answer here is no. At Purple Foods we source our Blue Spirulina from a high quality manufacturer in Japan. There are other countries supplying Blue Spirulina but we have found the Japanese product to consistently be the best value. The Blue Spirulina powder is actually a mixture of Blue Spirulina, Tapioca and a preservative. The ratio of Blue Spirulina to Tapioca (some brands use other filler ingredients) can vary. We recommend a minimum of 35% Blue Spirulina but are able to supply up to 80%.

Is Blue Spirulina Naturally Blue?

Blue spirulina is a 100% blue-green algae, which predominantly grows in both fresh and salt water. To common misconception, blue spirulina is naturally blue-green due to receiving its bright pigment from chlorophyll and phycocyanin.

Due to its naturally bright colour, blue spirulina is becoming a new trend amongst many different restaurants and cafes, with owners trying to incorporate it into fun innovative meals. Picture blue smoothie bowls, ice cream, desserts, even lattes! The options are endless, although here are some quick suggestions!

Blue Spirulina Recipe Ideas

As mentioned earlier, blue spirulina is a great new way to spice up your menu and let the creativity take over. Fortunately, blue spirulina is fairly easy to integrate with other ingredients creating a beautifully balanced (and colourful!) meal.

Here are some ideas you of how you can incorporate blue spirulina into different meals:

  • Blue spirulina, blueberry and banana ice cream
  • Frozen yoghurt.
  • Frozen breakfast smoothie bowl topped with fruits and nuts
  • Blue cheesecake
  • Some even incorporate blue spirulina into baking creating blue pastries and buns!

How expensive is blue spirulina?

Blue spirulina has a cost that’s consistent with any health supplement, depending on three main factors:

  • The quantity purchased.
  • The quality of the brand.
  • The ratio of Blue Spirulina to other powder ingredients

Typically the Blue Spirulina is the most expensive component and therefore some brands try to use a low ratio. Look for a product that has at least 35% Blue Spirulina in it.

At Purple Foods, we stock blue spirulina powder as well as a frozen sorbet. The frozen sorbet in particular is great value for money, as it can last longer and prevent any potential food wastage. Similar to the powder counterpart, it can easily be added to other foods and drinks.

Where Can I Find a Blue Spirulina Supplier

Finding a high quality blue spirulina has just become a whole lot easier. We are certain that your business has been asked for blue smoothies and bowls on multiple occasions. After all, long gone are the days of avocado coffees and welcome blue smoothies!

Well, here at Purple Foods we are importers and distributors of superfoods such as frozen fruits, acai, and blue spirulina.

We can ensure you receive on-demand access to all the blue ingredients you need with our Blue Spirulina options and aim to provide you the highest quality products across Australia;

Contact us today to find out more!