There’s a reason that mangoes are called the king of fruits. They taste amazing, and they’re a perfect, refreshing snack for a hot summer’s day. But, should you go with fresh or frozen mango? Which is the better option?

Most people tend to think that you should go straight for fresh, but this isn’t always the case. There are multiple reasons why frozen is a better option for your mango eating experience.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the advantages of frozen mango over fresh, so you can decide for yourself.

So, what are the reasons for frozen over fresh?

People think the only reason for deciding on frozen or fresh mangoes is which one tastes better. But, this is actually not the case. Taste is certainly important, but mangoes are mangoes. If you have a good mango, it’s going to have a delicious taste whether it’s frozen or fresh.

But, there’s still a lot of article left here, so there has to be more reasons why you’d pick frozen over fresh, right? Absolutely. Here are the reasons why frozen mango can hold its own against fresh mango, and they go beyond taste.

Frozen mango keeps its taste

One of the reasons that people tend to be deterred from frozen mango is the belief that mango loses its taste once frozen. This is actually not the case. Depending on the quality of your frozen fruit supplier, your mangoes will have been picked at their peak ripeness, so you’ll get your mango when its taste is at its best.

Fresh mangoes, on the other hand, can lose their ripeness fairly quickly. It can be quite crushing when you’re ready to dig into a tasty mango, only to find that it’s not as tasty as you thought it was going to be.

Frozen mango is more convenient

If you’re hungry and you’re looking for mangoes, you probably don’t want to spend your time checking their smell, feel and look to make sure they’re ripe and ready to eat. And, if it turns out that your fresh mangoes aren’t ripe, you’re going to have to spend an indefinite amount of time waiting that you could be spending enjoying the sweet taste of your favourite fruit instead. That’s where frozen mangoes have you covered. Because they’re frozen, their properties are preserved so you can enjoy their sweet taste and creamy consistency whenever you want.

Frozen mango is easier to preserve than fresh

Like any fresh fruit, it does not take long for mangoes to expire. Fresh mangoes tend to last 1-2 weeks before spoiling, whereas frozen mangoes can last up to a couple of years. If you don’t eat your fresh mangoes within that short time limit, you’ll have to throw them out. Frozen mango isn’t only easier to preserve, it results in less waste.

What can you make with frozen mango?

You can make so many different kinds of dishes with frozen mango.

Are you making breakfast? Make a refreshing mango smoothie or a breakfast bowl. Need something to top up your pancakes, porridge or cereal? Say no more. Lunchtime? Add mango to some Greek yoghurt or a salad. You want a snack? Eat some frozen mango on its own.

And we haven’t even gotten into the deserts. The possibilities are practically endless – you can add mango to baked goods, sorbets, cobbler, ice cream, fruit salad, etc. You can make all of these delicious foods without breaking your diet.

Where can I find the best frozen mangos?

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