With Australia in full-fledged summer, and mangoes being as unbelievably tasty as they are, it makes perfect sense that you would want to try making all kinds of mango-related dishes! Well, don’t fight that urge.  We recommend you try as many of these dishes as possible.  That’s why we’ve made a list of all of the kinds of foods that you can make using frozen mango.

Why is frozen mango so good?

After all, “king of fruits” is not a title to be taken lightly. That’s why we’ve got a list of all of the reasons that mango is the kind of fruit that’s a cut above the rest.

Is it the taste?

Many people are put off by frozen mango because they believe frozen mango loses its flavor. This is actually not true. You will receive your mangoes when they are at their peak of ripeness, depending on the quality of your frozen fruit supplier. Enjoy the sweet, refreshing taste of mango.

Is it the convenience?

When you’re hungry and you’re looking for mangoes, you probably don’t want to check their smell, feel, and appearance to make sure they’re ripe. Then, if your fresh mangoes aren’t ripe, you’ll have to wait indefinitely before you can enjoy its sweet taste. The solution is frozen mangoes. Since they’re frozen, their properties are preserved, so you can enjoy their sweet taste and creamy consistency whenever you like.

Is it how preservable it is?

As with any fresh fruit, mangoes expire quickly. Frozen mangoes can last up to a couple of years, whereas fresh mangoes last 1-2 weeks before spoiling. You’ll have to throw out your fresh mangoes if you don’t eat them within that short time frame. Besides being easier to preserve, frozen mangoes produce less waste.

What can you make with frozen mango?

Now we’re at the main event. Sure, you have all of the benefits of mangoes laid out, but what can you actually make with them? Surely, it depends on what time of day it is, right? Mangoes are more of a breakfast thing than a dinner thing, aren’t they?

Not always!

Make the best breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day, so why not start with a fruit that you know you’ll enjoy? “Am I just supposed to eat a mango on its own?”, absolutely not. Mix it with your cereal, whack it in a smoothie, place it in a breakfast bowl with some granola – whatever you can come up with. Eat them solid, eat the frozen, blend them into a puree, or eat them defrosted.

Prepare a lovely lunch and some delectable dinners

Lunch time! Now’s your chance to cool off halfway through a long day with a delicious little meal, and give yourself the energy for the rest of the day. They perfectly complement a nice salad. They go nicely in tacos, tortillas and quesadillas. They make the perfect chutney for your chicken, fish or prawns. Don’t make the mistake of thinking mangoes can’t go savoury, because that’s where they thrive.

Find the most delectable desserts

Of course, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with mangoes. Mango is a versatile fruit that can be used in baked goods, sorbets, cobblers, ice cream, fruit salads, etc. You can make all of these delicious foods without breaking your diet. In fact, if you’re looking for the most refreshing drink to cap off your night, mangoes go great in cocktails.

How can I find the best frozen mango?

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